5 best books for motivation

There is always a way..even in the dark you can’t bring the sun out in the night but you can light a lamp to make things brighter and there are some books you must read if you love motivation kind of books

Here ..i am going to share a list about best motivational books you must read if you are feeling like an ass oops..

1. Think and grow rich

This book is one of the best books you must read if you love reading

2. The power of positive thinking

This book is written by one of the best authors and he is known as the father of positive thinking

3. You can win

It’s one of the best book which shows the level of success ..books can bring into your life

4. The magic of thinking big

Earning money is the only motive people must have in order to become successful..and to become rich this book shows different methods to earn money

5. The powe of now

Well ..this book is very optimistic as well as spiritual ..the positive vibe it gives is marvellous

This are some recommendations of motivational books..i know this blog will also go unnoticed but still i am posting it ..

Science or Arts ?

Part of my life

So..i am going to share specifically a story about how i made up my mind and what happened to me after class 10 th

So..it starts like this

I always wanted to study ARTS but my dad wanted me to become a DOCTOR since he just loved the stream SCIENCE ..i told him many times that ..i am not interested in science but he just ignored me ..after class 10 he just told me to get admission in science when i opposed him..he told me that he will throw me out of his home and won’t allow me to have any money from his income..i was really depressed ..i asked my mom to help me but..she was so helpless..i cried for 3 days straight and didn’t eat much but he never looked back ..he asked me how am i gonna repay the amout lf money he spent on me till date..most of the people out there may think ..he was kidding but NO ..he wasn’t ..so i was left with no choice..and i took admission in science..it was complicated from the beginning so i could only get the pass marls which was really embarrassing since all of my schoolmates were getting more than enough marks..it was so embarrassing and was really hard to swallow in ..i didn’t really wanted to go to school anymore..and most of the teachers always used to embarrass me in front of everyone..nobody gave a damn to my previous records or marks..i felt lame and worthless..i asked my dad to reconsider his decision but he never really looked into this matter..i had only two thing ..one was depressing mind and another was tears in eyes..at one moment i decided to quit but i was so afraid to die ..so afraid to live..so afraid to go out..and the results were announced ..definitely i was failed..a failure..hahaha..everybody laughed at me..i decided to have no more..and left home..my mother told me that she will settle things up but i knew she couldn’t ..and i stood up for my dignity i told them either let me get into arts or i am leaving..my father wasn’t there ..he was out of town whem he heard that i failed he asked mom to readmit me in science..but my mom decided to take my side..and she gave me money and told me that i can take admission wherever i want..my father stopped noticing me even..funny i know..people say daughters are the most important thing to their dad but i am not lucky enough i guess..i took admission in arts and i really achieved the 1 st rank in the class..he never spoke to me after that ..but i am now atleast in my favourite track

So..the main aim was to tell you that you need to believe in yourself

Arise awake and stop not till the goal is reached